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Roof Designs and Roofing Trends

The roof plays an essential role in conferring the building its appearance as well as in ensuring the comfort and safety of the home – small wonder that most people keep a keen eye on roofing trends. Here are some of the design trends to choose from in 2020:

  • Metal roofs – metal is a very strong, durable and versatile material that can be used for executing a wide variety of roof designs. Metal roofs offer a longevity of around 40-50 years, require very little maintenance and is suitable for regions prone to fires and pest attacks, but for applications in very hot or very cold areas, they need to be properly insulated to offer the desired thermal efficiency in the building;
  • Light colors – light-colored roofs are especially trendy in hot climate regions, when the roof needs to reflect solar heat to prevent overheating;
  • Solar panels – one of the latest and hottest industry trends is the application of solar panels on roofs. The solution offers great energy savings and modern solar panels are also very attractive. The initial costs of installation are quite high, but the homeowners who choose to put solar panels on their roofs become eligible for various financial incentives and tax benefits.

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