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Concrete siding, also known as fiber cement, is a type of siding that’s usually almost indistinguishable from wood on the outside. However, unlike wood, fiber cement is much more resilient and featuring a far greater life span. The following are just a few of the most important benefits that could convince you to use this type of siding:


  • Concrete siding is extremely resilient, and can easily withstand extreme heat and cold as any knowledgeable Dallas roofing contractor offers his advice. It holds well against snow, ice, sun damage and temperature fluctuations that would normally cause a great deal of harm.
  • It’s the most affordable type of material capable of replacing genuine wooden siding. It requires little or no maintenance, and insurance companies will ensure lower premiums due to its greater durability and resilience.
  • This type of siding usually has a class 1A fire rating, and experts consider it to have the same level of durability as cement.
  • When it comes to its resilience in the face of rot, heat, wood-boring insects and deterioration from salt, it is far superior to wood. It also holds well against damage from UV rays.
  • The installation process is fairly simple, and most manufacturers ensure at least a 50-year warranty, which is proof of the product’s remarkable durability.


With a current price of only slightly over $8/square feet, you’ll find that – depending on what you’d like to achieve with your project – investing in concrete siding is a much more advantageous plan than using most, if not all other types of high quality siding products.