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Cedar shingles installed by Fort Worth roofing company

Cedar shingles are known to be among the most durable types of wood – a properly maintained, high-quality cedar roof by a Fort Worth roofing company can adorn and protect your building for over 3 decades and cedar is also used for making outdoor furniture that can endure any weather for a long time as well as for saunas. Here are the properties that make cedar such a great, durable choice for your roof:

  • Resistance to moisture – cedar has no rival when it comes to withstanding moisture and the materials used for making roofing shingles are further strengthened with moisture-repellent coatings and other treatments;
  • Low shrinkage – one of the most severe issues that make certain wood varieties unsuitable for being used on roofs is that they shrink when exposed to harsh sunshine. Cedar shingles don’t have that problem, due to their very low shrinkage factor;
  • Not attractive to pests – cedar can be used even in regions that pose a high risk of pest attacks, especially by insects that eat the wood, such as termites. Cedar shingles are treated with insect repellent substances before being sold, but the wood variety is unattractive for bugs and other insects in itself;
  • Resistance to heat – cedar does not absorb much heat, so your cedar shingle roof will be unaffected by heat even on the hottest summer days.