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Roof Installation Roofing Companies Responsibility

The installation of a new roof involves lots of tasks and responsibilities – here are the most important ones assumed by roofing contractors:

  • The selection and the procurement of the materials – many roofers include material purchasing into their range of services. If the agreement with the client includes that service, the Dallas roofing contractor will order the necessary materials and will oversee the delivery process as well;
  • The installation of all the roof layers – while in the case of roof replacement, the contractor usually needs to work only roof the roof surface, the underlayment and the sheathing, with a new roof, the support structure also needs to be installed and many roofers take care of that process as well;
  • Taking care of the client’s assets – roofing teams are also responsible for the safety and integrity of the client’s assets during the roofing work. This means that they must do everything they can to protect property components and tangible assets, such as the cars in the yard or the other buildings surrounding the roofing site;
  • Debris removal – any roofing project generates debris. Most contracts assign the duty to remove that debris to the roofing team, requiring the roofer to provide the right type of container to collect the debris and to hand over the debris to a suitable dump site.