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Should you add more insulation to your existing home? Although newer homes have a lot more insulation than those built in the past 3-4 decades, there may still be a need to add something extra, if you want to effectively reduce your energy bills. You can call a reputable roofer experienced in roofing Dallas TX homes to find out if your roof is sufficiently insulated. For anyone hoping to achieve that goal, there are several factors you’ll have to take into account when deciding what the right amount of added insulation should be:


  • How much insulation does your home already have? Unless it’s designed specifically for energy-efficiency, it probably has less than recommended, especially if the building is somewhat older.
  • Where is the home located? Depending on the geographic location and specific climate-related details, you can figure out whether you need a greater or lesser amount of additional insulation for ideal results.
  • What types of insulation should you consider? Depending on your budget, your target energy consumption goals and the difficulty of the project – especially if we’re talking about DIY – you’ll find some types are much more practical than others.
  • What type of insulation do you have installed, and what is its R-value and thickness/depth? The R-value measures the material’s insulating effectiveness with particular emphasis on thermal resistance.


These simple details can help you make the difference between cheaper and more expensive gas and energy bills this coming winter. As long as you plan your project with care and consider the best options for adding more insulation to your home, it will be easy to achieve the results you want.