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Some simple roofing operations, such as roof cleaning or the replacement of a couple of shingles, can be safely attempted by amateur roofers, but many others need the knowledge and experience of a professional – here are some essential repairs that should be always left to the pros:

  • Flashing repairs – flashing consists of stripes of tin or of rubberized material installed around roof openings and in roof valleys to reinforce the roof where its continuity has been broken. When flashing stripes get damaged or they lose adhesion, the area underneath them becomes more sensitive to water penetration, therefore flashing repair should never be handled by DIY enthusiasts;
  • Vent replacement – roof vents might seem easy to replace, but any mistake will increase the risk of water damage, therefore the procedure always needs to be handled by professionals;
  • Recurrent roof leaks – if the source of the leak is obvious, the repair can be accomplished by homeowners, but if the leak keeps coming back without a visible point of entry for the water, the problem requires investigation and repair by a knowledgeable roofer;
  • Critters – if pests have moved into your roof, the best and fastest way to get rid of them is to hire a good roofer from https://www.lonsmith.com/  who knows exactly where to look for the intruders and how to seal entry points.