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Metal Roof Roofing Fort Worth TX

In the case of building or renovating a house, special attention should be paid to the roof, which is considered, along with the foundation, an essential element. The roof must be efficient, providing protection from wind, sun, hail, water, but also have an aesthetic, beautifying role, increasing the curb appeal of your property.

Metal shingles are an optimal roofing Fort Worth TX solution both in new constructions and in the renovation of old constructions, due to its benefits:

  • The installation of this type of roof is a simple and fast process, because the metal shingles are lightweight and easy to handle, having about 4.5 kg/ square meter, and they can quickly cover a large area. Thus, for a 200 sqm roof, metal shingles will weigh about 1 ton, which is very convenient compared to over 10 tons in the case of ceramic tiles.
  • Precisely because it is lightweight, a metal shingle roof will not put pressure on the resistance structure, so there will be no need for additional expenses related to reinforcing it. For the same reasons, a metallic roof can be installed even without necessarily removing the existing roof.
  • Due to its resistance, a metal shingle roof has a very long life span (about 50 years, compared to 15-20 years, which is the estimated lifespan of the common asphalt roof), being resistant to any weather conditions, from frost to heat.
  • Maintenance costs are minimal.