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Roof Ventilation Roofing Contractor Healthy Dallas Home

A healthy home is something we all strive for. But perhaps few people actually realize the role of roof ventilation in keeping your roof in a good state and, ultimately, in preventing serious damages to your entire house.

Roofs are part of an entire system and should be treated accordingly. And it is not only excessive rain that may pose a threat to the good state of your roof, but also excessive temperatures combined with poor ventilation. For instance, when it is too hot outside and the excess of hot air has nowhere to go, the accumulated heat can transform into condensation, leading to humidity, which may cause leaks to appear inside your roof.

An experienced Dallas roofing contractor will tell you there are some clear signs that roof ventilation is insufficient. For instance, there can be ice dams and icicles on top of your roofing system. A broken air conditioner may also indicate the fact that roof ventilation needs fixing or improvement on an urgent basis.

Also, you may notice there are areas in your house which are either too hot, or too cold. That can indicate the fact that your cooling, heating and perhaps even the roof ventilation system are in dire need of repair or even replacement.