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Essential Roofing Products Coating Fort Worth

The coating solutions provided by a Fort Worth roofing company used in the construction of flat roofs are characterized by a high service life. However, like any other materials, these membranes also need to be repaired at some point, since certain types of damage are inherent during the roof`s period of operation, due to various causes related or not to the proper exploitation of the roof.

Types of flat roof damage

The main causes of damage include the poor quality of installation and the use of cheap materials. The absence of periodic maintenance also leads to minor and critical damage that requires immediate repair.

Methods of repairing a flat roof

Depending on the type of defects and the area affected by the damage, it is customary to divide the restoration and repair work of flat roofs into the following categories:

    Current repairs – They consist of local works carried out when small defects and damage are found in the roof system (detached, perforated membrane, areas that retains water, problems with the water drainage system etc.). In these cases, roof patching or replacing damaged elements represent common repair practices.

    Roof recoating – This operation refers to the addition of a layer of special liquid coating on the existing membrane, in order to seal it. Roof coating is also used to improve the energy efficiency of the roof (a white coating will transform it into a reflective roof)

   Roof replacement – This operation refers to a complete replacement of the current waterproofing layer, which involves a complete cycle of preparing the work surface for the subsequent application of a new layer.