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The degradation of the roof may cause diverse problems, from the reduction of the interior thermal comfort to water damage that can affect the entire building.

The most common causes of roof damage in Fort Worth include:

Local climate

The UV index is high in the area, so the roofs are very much exposed to solar radiation; it dries out roofing materials, which leads to their discoloration and deterioration over time.

The wrong choice of some roofing products

Many times, the projects are compromised from the very beginning because the chosen cover solutions are not compatible with the architecture of the house or with the local climate.

The angle of the roof slope

On the market, there are a lot of coating solutions that differ depending on the angle of the roof. For example, shingles suitable for a 14-degree roof inclination are not recommended for a more sloping roof. Each product addresses a certain type of roof, and if you ignore this aspect, there is a good chance that the roof will get premature damage.

The age of the roof and, implicitly, its degradation

Eventually, anything degrades, so the age of a roof is the most certain cause of damage.

Incorrect roof installation

It is not enough to buy a roof made of quality materials and accessories; if it is not installed correctly by one of the roofing contractor Fort Worth is home to, your investment will be compromised.