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Fort Worth is an amazing city to visit and even more special to live in – whether you are looking for a home in a quiet neighborhood or you don’t mind the crowd, here are some of its best neighborhoods:

  • Berkley – one of the richest and most spectacular neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Berkley consists mostly of single-family houses, but there are a few condos and apartments as well, both are pristine and displays the talent of Dallas roofing contractors close to you, if that is what you are looking for,
  • Southside – a neighborhood with a young vibe and a cheerful, friendly atmosphere, Southside is charming and rapidly developing,
  • Meadows West – another quickly development district close to the river, Meadows West is like several small villages placed one next to the other – friendly, safe, cozy and comfortable, all in one, and not far from downtown,
  • Mistletoe Heights – a district of varied housing opportunities that range from condos and apartments to bungalows, Mistletoe Heights is close to the Zoo as well as to the Trinity River,
  • Keller – within a stone’s throw from downtown Fort Worth, Keller has cozy streets, beautiful historic buildings, parks and trails and great amenities such as restaurants and shops. Local schools are also great, so the neighborhood is perfect for families with children as well.