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When it comes to finding a suitable roof replacement material, metal is among the best options – here is why:

  • Variety – metal roofing panels come in a wide array of colors and they are varied in terms of the alloys used as well. The most common materials for metal roofs are tin, aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel and copper, so you can easily choose the alloy that fits the climate of the region where your property is located.
  • Longevity – metal roofs can last for 40-70 years, much longer than other roof types.
  • Durability – metal roofs are resistant to rust, corrosion, winds, impact and fire, so you can trust your metal roof to withstand whatever weather comes along. A knowledgeable Fort Worth roofing company like Lon Smith can help you sort through the options of metal roofing.
  • Energy efficiency – metal roofs reflect solar heat and insulate the top of the buildings they are installed on, thus contributing significantly to reducing energy costs, cooling and heating bills as well.

Low weight – metal roofing panels are much lighter than other roofing materials, making metal roofing systems a great option for lightweight constructions that could not support the weight of heavier roofing.

  • Low maintenance – metal roofs also need to be inspected and cleaned at times, but they don’t need expensive professional maintenance.