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A perfect roof installed by a Dallas roofing contractor resists very well in any climatic conditions, but at the same time, it offers energy efficiency and contributes to the overall exterior aspect of the house. Roof tiles made of concrete offer these benefits, being some of the most resistant materials.

Concrete tiles are made from a mixture of natural raw materials: cement, quartz sand, inorganic pigments and water. They are manufactured with modern technologies, fully automated, the quality of the products being paramount in the manufacturing process.

Concrete tiles come with a number of advantages for your home, comparable to those offered by ceramic tiles.

Resistance in any weather conditions

The most significant advantage of concrete tiles is their resistance to wind, hail and snow. Due to their density, concrete tiles can withstand wind loads with speeds of up to 180 km/ h, as well as temperature variations of up to 100 degrees C (212 F).

Low water absorption

The resistance of the concrete tile to the changing weather conditions is due to the low water absorption of the material. The higher the absorption is, the lower the resistance of the roof.

Long life span

The low water absorption also positively influences the life span of this roofing material. After pouring, the concrete, tiles are in a continuous hardening process, which lasts about 80 years.