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Good quality work generally results in good reputation, and when you install a long-lasting roof, you will probably get good referrals. Starting a good referrals program can stimulate customers to help you promote your good quality products and services.

This type of referrals program can be based on special offers such as gift cards to a local shop or restaurant, discounts on future products and services, such as cleaning gutters or fixing leaks, or entering all your customers into drawings for winning bigger prizes, such as tablets, smart phones, amusement park tickets for the entire family, and so on.

Regardless of the exact structure of your referral program, you should make it clear about the exact prizes and when/how they will be awarded to the winners.

Using top-quality equipment may be another way to generate referrals from the Dallas community for properly done roofing. This can put you ahead of your competition, and the money you invested in your tools and equipment will certainly pay off. Using the latest technology tools will create less mess, which will result in happier customers and therefore better referrals for your work.

A “thank you” accompanied by a small gift can also cause you to get the needed referrals for your roofing projects.  Great roofing companies like Lon Smith Roofing come very highly recommended and should be considered for your next roofing project.