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We probably don’t need to tell you this after all of the reports of weather tearing up homes down in San Antonio but the amount of damage every year, but there is a lot of property damage caused by severe weather.

That’s why we, Lon Smith Roofing of Dallas, are committed to repairing or replacing your roof with quality products installed by experts. This will help your home to withstand the severe elements.

https://rooferscoffeeshop.com/billions-of-dollars-in-property-damage-each-year-is-caused-by-severe-weather/Billions of Dollars in Property Damage Each Year Is Caused by Severe Weather – Winter weather adds stress to buildings with cold winds, the weight of snow on the roof and extreme temperatures. After experiencing wintry weather, spring arrives with its own challenges in terms of severe storms and tornados. According to The National Climate Assessment and NOAA, high wind events in the U.S. occur roughly 14,000 times annually with wind speeds of 58 mph or above. The analysis of the current data available suggests that as time goes on they will only continue to become more common. A building’s roof is the first line of defense against the elements and the part of the building more likely to be affected by the high winds of winter and the spring storms that follow. This is why a building’s roof edge should be one that is rigorously tested and code compliant, as well as properly installed. If the roof edge is compromised, the building itself and everything inside are likely susceptible to wind and water damage. Read more…