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Hail Damage Lon Smith Roofing Inspection Repair InstallationDallas roofers have more to worry than delayed delivery of roofing materials or other logistic issues. The climate in the Dallas area poses serious risks for every roof in the area. While all roofs are designed to withstand the elements, Dallas roofs have it rougher compared to other areas in Texas.

Here are some unique roofing concerns for Dallas roofers:

  1. Damage Caused By Hail

aiHaHail storms can cause serious damage to all types of roofing materials. Sometimes, hail can be as big as a child’s fist. Consider the fact that hailstones can fall at a speed between 44 and 72 mph. Even a metal roof can get several dents after a major storm.

  1. Damage by Wind

Tornados are not uncommon to the Dallas area. And, in its aftermath, a lot of buildings need major roof repairs. This is one of the key factors which you have to keep in mind when deciding which roofing materials to choose. Even though some tiles may look nicer, they may not meet the safety conditions determined by extreme weather events in your area.

  1. Damage by Water

When it rains in the Dallas area – it rains a lot. And a roof that has already withstood hail and high winds is extremely vulnerable to water damage. By the time the homeowner notices leaks inside the house, the damage outside is already extensive. This is one of the reasons that preventive inspections from https://www.lonsmith.com/ are not just a good idea, but the only way of identifying and fixing roof damage in the early stages.