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roofing companies fix hail damage

Many areas in Texas are hit by hailstorms each year and building owners must get knowledge about dealing with these severe phenomena. The roof is an important system of a building and has to be inspected each time after a storm, because it is susceptible to damage regardless of the materials it is made from.

Identifying the signs of hail damage is very important to make the necessary repairs and prevent further problems, as well as for taking advantage of your insurance.

There are a few visible indicators that your roof has hail damage:

  • You notice cracks or dents in the gutters and siding that were not there before. These signs are more visible on softer materials such as aluminum.
  • Your roof`s shingles are bruised, and granules are flexed and displaced, creating small areas that look like dark circles.
  • There are missing shingles. This may happen when the hailstones are particularly large, and their velocity blows away roofing materials, especially if they are old or lower quality.

Any of these problems will make your roof more fragile, if they are not fixed promptly by one of the Dallas roofing companies available. The consequence of ignoring hail damage to your roof includes water damage, high energy bills and decreased property value.