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Quality Roofing in Fort Worth TX

A roof should last for a lifetime –or at least for three decades. This is why you should not skimp on quality when it comes to installing a new roof over your home.


There are definite benefits to getting your roof designed and installed by reputable Dallas roofers like Lon Smith Roofing:

You Get the Best Materials

Roofing materials continue to evolve as new solutions are discovered. They are more durable and energy efficient. Experienced roofing contractors are up to date with the latest roofing solutions and will recommend them to you.

You Get a Roof that Is a Good Fit for Your Home

Your heart is set on a type of roof – but is it really a good choice? Professional Dallas roofers will consider aspects such as current building codes, the general roof design in your area and the structure of your home. Some types of roofs can be simply too heavy for your house.

You Get Professional Installation

Proper installation is key in the durability of a roof. A badly installed roof may not have proper ventilation, or there may be gaps allowing water to get into your house. This is the onset of a series of serious problems, including mold damage and constant repairs to the roof.