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People understand better and better the value of the free energy coming from the sun. Solar energy collectors that convert the sun’s rays into electricity are manufactured in the form of panels or shingles, and their presence on rooftops is more and more visible. Almost any flat surface or roof can generate electricity, therefore solar panels and tiles are becoming increasingly popular, being the most modern roofing materials recommended by roofing companies Dallas area.

A large solar roof can become a resource that saves a lot of money on energy consumption and helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but also pollutants from the atmosphere, if that energy replaces the one created by burning fuel.

Solar panels and tiles can be a very effective solution for heating your home. With the help of solar energy (which is a free renewable source) you can have an increased thermal comfort in your home and also benefit from the necessary hot water, throughout the year.

Solar panels and tiles are devices that use solar radiation to later produce thermal or electrical energy. They are complex systems, which have in their composition photosensitive cells.

The electricity produced by solar roofs can be consumed immediately, be fed into the national electricity grid or stored in batteries and used later.