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Roofing Company Inspection Fort Worth Roofers Detailed 


Fort Worth roofers know that there is more than meets the eye in the task of performing roof maintenance. A simple visual inspection can reveal to the trained eye issues that the average person would overlook.

Here are some of the lesser know problems that can be found during preventive maintenance of your roof:

  1. Pest Damage

Small rodents and woodworms can cause minute damage to your roof shingles. They are barely noticeable. In fact, you wouldn’t even note the tiny boring holes in the wood shingles. But an experienced roofer can see them quite clearly and will know that you need to replace some of the shingles and apply a fresh protective coating.

  1. Algae Growth

We usually associate algae with the sea, but these types of vegetation can also thrive on your roof – to the detriment of your safety. In fact, any kind of vegetation taking roots on your roof spells trouble, be it moss or lichens.

Fort Worth roofers can recognize them from the first spoors and make sure they are removed before they take hold and cause damage to your roof.

  1. First Signs of End of Life

How do you know when wear and tear is too advanced? When do you stop investing in repairs and consider a new roof instead? A Fort Worth roofing company with experienced roofers can give you an honest assessment as soon as they see that your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan. Instead of paying for repeated repairs, you can start saving money for a new roof.