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Roof Tile Types Lon Smith Roofing

Fort Worth roofers at Lon Smith Roofing know that a lot of homeowners and businesses are willing to invest in the latest technologies for their roofs. It is understandable – a roof is supposed to last for decades and insulate a building from the elements and from temperature variations.

Here are some of the most common types of hi-tech roofs you get with the help of professional contractors:

  1. Solar Panel Roofs

The sun shines brightly over Texas – so why shouldn’t you take advantage of it to generate energy? For many families, the solar panel roof is not only a method of reducing their energy bills. They produce more energy than they use and they get paid for it as it becomes available in the network for other consumers.

  1. Mineral Tile Roof

Mineral tiles are increasingly popular as a great alternative to other roofing materials in terms of production efficiency. These tiles are made of a mix of sand and cement, with oxide added to create various colors. Mineral tiles are great replacement for other types of roofing materials.

  1. Radiant Barrier Roofs

Most of us rely on a straw hat or an umbrella to protect ourselves from the sun on scorching days. The latest technologies allow you to offer the same protection to your roof. Modern sealants and spray treatments – some of them based on recycled cooking oil – can reflect sunlight and heat away from your roof and keep your home cooler.