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How To Roof Dallas TX Homes Roofing Requirements

For many people, the roof of their house is “out of sight, out of mind”. In other words, they easily ignore it and remember about its existence only when something unexpected happens that causes damage, or when a professional inspection of the house reveals previously ignored problems. But even in the absence of a crisis, the roof deserves better attention, especially as it offers great potential for saving energy and keeping utility bills lower.

Do you know these are several ways to make your roof more energy efficiently? Contact a roofing company experienced in roofing Dallas TX homes that will confirm the following information and provide you with professional advice on what works best in your case.

  1. Insulation. Proper insulation will extend the life span of a roof, by preventing problems related to moisture.
  2. Ventilation. It may seem counterproductive to improve your attic’s insulation only to and add vents that allow air from the exterior into the attic, but fresh air plays a key role in the health of the roof. While the insulation acts like a thermal barrier between the roof and the rest of the building, the attic itself can become incredibly hot during the summer months. Without any kind of ventilation, excessive heat and moisture build up will have a negative impact on the roof.
  3. Roof color. Dark roofs absorb more heat from the sun than light-colored roofs and, as a result, more heat is transferred to the indoor space below. The solution is reroofing using energy efficient shingles with naturally reflective properties or manufactured/ painted in a white color.