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Lon Smith Roofing Company Slate RoofInstalling a new slate roof in Fort Worth is an intimidating job and not one to be taken lightly. To get it done right, a few key steps should be taken, and suitable materials should be chosen to ensure a long-lasting and protective roof.


Choosing the suitable slate for Fort Worth

Fort Worth homeowners have several options when choosing slate for a roof replacement job. To ensure the highest quality and long-term stability, you must identify a quality-tested and certified slate. Additionally, look for slates with a minimum weight and durability rating, which should be readily available on the product’s packaging.


Preparing and securing the roof

Once the correct product has been chosen, homeowners must prepare the roof for installation. This includes clearing the roof, setting up scaffolding, and shoring up any sagging sections. Inspecting the structure to ensure the roof is free from any underlying damage before proceeding with the slate installation is also essential.


Gettin’ to layin’

Installing a slate roof in Fort Worth requires precision and attention to detail like that of https://www.lonsmith.com/. Each slate should be laid against a level base, gently nailed into place, and sealed with a flexible sealant. After installation, these steps must be repeated for each slate and combined with a waterproofing system for maximum protection. Once complete, you can enjoy a beautiful, watertight slate roof for a lifetime.