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Dallas Contractor Roofing Repair Water Damage


When you notice water leaking into the attic, you know your roof has a problem. And you start repairing the water damage with diligence. But, if you attempt DIT work, you may leave the problem incompletely solved.

These pitfalls will make your work useless – and maintain your roof problems:

  1. Failure to Remove All Damaged Shingles

You understandably want to pay as little as possible for roof repair. Thus, when you evaluate how many shingles you have to replace, you tend to overlook those only slightly warped or damaged by water.

These partially damaged shingles are like a Trojan horse left on the roof to cause further damage and more expensive repairs.

  1. Failure to Clean the Slates before Applying Protective Coatings

All protective coatings must be applied on clean, even slates. Any kind of debris or irregularity will make the coating likely to crack, thus losing its role of protecting the roof. Cleaning roof slates is a laborious job, involving a lot of brushing and scrubbing.

  1. Failure to Repair Seals, Joints and Flashing

Water damage does not affect only the shingles, but all the elements of the roof. A Dallas roofing contractor always inspects the sealing the joints and the flashing – and usually find that they are also in need of repair.


The best options is to hire professionals to help you with any water damage repairs on your roof.