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, How Many Hours Can You Expect For a New Home Roof Project, Lon Smith Roofing & Construction

Many people postpone the installation of a new roof because they are not sure how long will they have to wait for the new roof to be completely installed.

Dealing with the hassle associated with a new roof installation can be intimidating, but in reality such a roof project may take up less time than you have expected. However, it is good to know that the time a new home roof project will take can vary by different factors:

  • The size of the roof – installing a new average-sized roof typically takes up to 3-4 days
  • Weather – bad weather may delay the completion of the project
  • The design of the roof and the cover materials – every material has its own installation requirements. Here are the average replacement times for some of the most popular materials:
  • ceramic/ concrete tiles: 8-10 days
  • wood shingles: 6-8 days
  • slate: 6-8 days
  • asphalt shingles: 2-3 days

Complex or intricate roof designs will take longer to be covered with shingles or tile

  • Historical significance of the house

If your home is old and represents a historical landmark, it will take a bit longer to obtain special permits; besides, it might also require additional time to strengthen the roof`s structure.  Find the help your roof needs with Lon Smith Roofing & Construction at Https://www.lonsmith.com/.



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