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Roofing Affects Energy Bill

The roof on your building is the largest surface of the construction in direct contact with the elements, therefore it is also the largest surface that protects your building interior from the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. The roof being the component of any building envelope that prevents direct contact between the building interior and the exterior environment, it is also the surface through which energy can slip out, contributing significantly to energy losses that increase the building’s energy needs. Here is how your roof has a direct effect of your energy bills:

  • Letting heat in during the summer months – a roof that gets excessively heated by the sun’s rays will transfer that heat towards the building interior, requiring much more energy to maintain your building interior comfortably cool;
  • Letting warm air escape from inside in winter – warm air rises, so if your roof does not provide an efficient thermal barrier between your interior spaces and the outdoor environment, the result will be energy loss and more energy needed to warm your rooms.

The best method to prevent energy exchange through the roof is by checking and having experts who work with roofing in the Dallas TX area . They can restore the roof’s integrity through repairs and improve its energy-efficiency by adding insulation underneath the roof. The improvements will be reflected in your energy bills sooner than you expect.