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Preparing your home for winter is very important for the comfort and the safety of the interior of your home as well as for the structural integrity of the entire building – here are the most essential tasks to do around the house:

  • Preparing the roof – water from heavy rains and melting snow can seep into the attic and cause extensive damage, especially if you don’t use the attic frequently and you don’t notice the signs. It is very important to schedule qualified Dallas roofing companies, such as Lon Smith Roofing, to go up on your roof before the first snow to check the roof cover for cracks and other signs of damage and to replace the damaged components before it is too late.
  • Preparing the gutters – only healthy and properly fixed gutters are able to hold the weight of the snow and to direct water efficiently away from the walls, so while you are up on the roof, check, clean and fix the gutter pipes, too.
  • Remove water from exterior hoses and fixtures – ice that builds in the interior of sprinklers, hoses and faucets can cause serious damage, such as broken sprinkler heads or burst underground pipes, but you can easily prevent deterioration if you drain the exterior fixtures in time.