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Ask An Expert Dallas Roofing Contractor

When shielding your house from the wrath of Mother Nature, Dallas roofing experts are your best ally. With fast response times and strict adherence to safety protocols, a professional Dallas roofing contractor can help you manage storm damage quickly and safely. Here is what roofing experts advise for the most common storm-induced problems.


  • Inspect every nook and cranny – At the first sign of a significant storm, conduct a complete examination of your property to identify any apparent storm damage. Carefully look for chips, cracks, missing shingles, and other signs of wear and tear. Take time to look at your roof, gutter, and other external areas, making sure to take note of any water damage inside as well.


  • Hazy day? Call a pro – If, during your routine inspection, you find any severe damage outside, or if you are simply not sure whether your roof is safe and sound, do not hesitate to call a local roofing specialist. While doing it yourself could seem appealing, being safe is preferable to being sorry.


  • Secure the storm’s aftermath – In the unfortunate event that a storm has caused severe and widespread damage, limiting further damage or, worse, injury is essential. Replace any missing or broken shingles, see if the roof is debris-free, and inspect the gutter for any blockages.


  • Maintain regular checks – Being proactive is your best weapon against storm damage. Schedule regular roofing inspections and maintenance to keep your roof secure and your home professionally protected. In a storm, you will know exactly how to manage the damage quickly and safely.