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Siding your house means adding extra protection to the walls, as well as enhancing its look. There are many siding materials – stone, brick, vinyl, wood – that provide different levels of durability and affordability, but the right balance can be reached with concrete siding (also known as fiber cement siding).

The answer in the question from the title is therefore obvious: yes, you should definitely consider concrete siding for your home. Here are the main advantages of this material:

  • Concrete siding provides the advantages of masonry: protection against rot, fire and insects, as well as ability to resist to bad weather
  • It can mimic other expensive siding materials, while it costs significantly less (cement siding shingles cost $2-8, while the installation costs about $5,5 per square foot)
  • It is made of water, wood pulp, silica sand or fly ash as a filler and cement made with clay, iron and limestone
  • Warranties for fiber cement siding typically start from 20 years long, in the case of professional installation and regular maintenance. This type of siding has to be painted; the paint comes as a factory finish (in which case, you get a 10-year warranty) or it can be applied by professionals painters who also offer warranty on their work.

Clearly, costs can vary, as can individual homeowner home improvement budgets. Climate may play a critical role in considering if concrete is the way to go in your area as well.

Scheduling an accredited Fort Worth roofing company consultation is recommended to ensure you have the most up to date facts and expertise when making these home renovation decisions.