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Metal roofs are feature-rich and versatile – small wonder they enjoy such popularity all over the country. If you are considering a metal system for your next roof, but you are not entirely sure whether it is a good solution, here are some of the most convincing qualities of Dallas roofing companies metal roofing systems:

  • Longevity – correctly installed and maintained metal roofs can last for up to 70 years – by contrast, asphalt roofing lasts for only about one third of that lifespan;
  • Impervious to rot, insects and fire – roof rot is a common nuisance with many roofing materials, especially with roofs in hot and humid climate zones, but not with metal, a material that is unaffected by mold, mildew and rot. Metal does not ignite either, therefore it is safe to use in fire-prone areas, such as forests. Metal roofs are also great for areas where termites and other insects can cause problems;
  • Energy-efficiency – the metal alloys used for making metal panels, tiles and shingles reflect most of the solar radiant heat that they come into contact with, being able to reduce building cooling costs by 10-25%. The efficiency of the energy barrier provided by metal roofing can be further enhanced with a light roof color and the regular application of reflective roof coatings.