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Fort Worth Contractor Roof ConstructionA professional Fort Worth roofing contractor can install a sloped roof on top of a flat roof, and this is often done in certain construction scenarios. This process is known as “rooftop framing” or “over-framing.” It involves constructing a new sloped roof structure on top of an existing flat roof. There are several reasons why someone might choose to do this:

Improved Drainage

Flat roofs are more prone to drainage issues, as water may pool and cause damage over time. Adding a sloped roof provides a better drainage system, directing water away from the roof more efficiently.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Some property owners prefer the aesthetics of a sloped roof over a flat roof. Adding a pitched roof can change the appearance of a building and may be desired for architectural or aesthetic reasons.

Additional Insulation

The space created between the existing flat roof and the new sloped roof can provide an opportunity to add insulation. This can improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer and enhancing the building’s overall insulation.

Increased Weather Resistance

Sloped roofs generally handle weather elements like rain and snow more effectively than flat roofs. Installing a pitched roof can improve the building’s ability to shed water and withstand severe weather conditions.

Structural Reinforcement

In some cases, adding a sloped roof on top of a flat roof can provide additional structural support. This is especially relevant if the existing flat roof structure is not sufficient for the desired load-bearing capacity.