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Gutter System Professional Installation Dallas TX Roofing 


Gutters play a key role for the safety and integrity of your home. Their role is to collect water from the roof and direct it away from the foundation of your home. Unfortunately, poor workmanship can lead to many problems, especially with your roof.

If the gutter system is not properly installed, water can pool on the roof, instead of draining into the soil. Over time, this leads to:

  1. Water Damage

When water stagnates on the roof for a period of time, it will eventually eat through any roofing material – including metal. You will usually notice this during maintenance inspections, if you remember to do them on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will find out the hard way, when water starts leaking into your home.

  1. Vegetation Growth

Water plus seeds or spores that will not drain away properly result in lichen or moss growth on the roof. Once they take hold, all types of vegetation with damage and loosen shingles. At a point, your roof will be full of damaged areas, allowing water and mold into your home.

  1. Mold and Mildew Growth

Poorly installed gutters can encourage mold to grow around the flashing and joints of the roof. Dallas roofers know that a mold infestation is both dangerous and expensive to remedy. For this reason, you should always hire professionals with experience in roofing Dallas TX homes> to install your gutter system.