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At Lon Smith, when we show up to do your roofing in Dallas, TX, we show up prepared. We need to have our tools, equipment, and materials to get the job done right. Being prepared is essential in our line of work. No matter what obstacles a job may have for us we need to be ready to solve it.

Preparedness goes a long way when you are roofing a home but it also important for your home to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Taking a few steps now could be the difference between life and death in the event of an emergency. Take a look at some of the supplies you need that could make all the difference.

https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/prep-for-disaster-10-things-you-ll-need-in-a-home-emergency-50969?#.WO-_gIgrKUkEmergency Supplies You’ll Need in a Disaster – Bob Vila Whether the power is out at home or you’re stranded alongside the road changing a tire after dark, this extraordinary flashlight has you covered. But really, it’s hard to label this gadget just a flashlight. Sure, the OxyLED flashlight can toggle between seven lighting modes (full bright/semi-bright/strobe, including a side white and red lights). But built from aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the gadget features a cutting knife, an attack hammer, a compass, and magnet that allows you to position it on any metal surface to works hands-free. Recharge its batteries at any old outlet via USB, or stick it out in the sun. With this tool by your side, no emergency situation will feel quite like an SOS. Available on Amazon; $19.99.

Keep phones for the whole family at full-charge the next time a power line goes down when you connect to the small but mighty Anker PowerCore 20100. Its impressive output of 4.8 amps can power two mobile devices simultaneously without lag, again and again. No, really. The pocket-sized battery packs more than meets the eye—enough to charge the iPhone 7 almost seven times, the Galaxy S6 five times, or the iPad mini twice when fully charged. Available on Amazon; $39.99.

In the event of an emergency, because your home may not maintain its usual easy access to potable water, FEMA and other government agencies recommend keeping a three-day supply on hand, just in case. Many homeowners decide to stockpile much more. However, no matter how much water you store in the basement or garage, there’s always the possibility of running out before the municipal supply returns to normal. To plan ahead for a situation in which you must source water in creative ways, consider investing in a household water purifier like the Big Berkey, a longtime favorite of both doomsday preppers and international aid organizations like UNICEF. Available at Amazon; $288.50.

You need at least one emergency radio capable of tuning into the “weather bands” used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Midland Digital Weather Radio stands out, because it runs on a range of power sources. Normally, its lithium ion battery charges via USB, but if the power goes out, you can hand-crank it, add in AA batteries, or rely on the small, built-in solar panel. Additional features include an ultrasonic dog whistle to signal search-and-rescue teams and an extra-bright, 130-lumen LED flashlight you can set to an SOS pulse. Best of all, if the NOAA puts out an alert, the units beeps and flashes, so you know to listen up. Available at Amazon; $69.99.

In the midst of disaster, you won’t have time to rummage through your home for emergency tools. But keep this SurvivalKitsOnline 4-in-1 tool in an accessible spot, and you’ll always be prepared for floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and whatever other calamity comes your way. The tool, which is made with heat-treated alloy, easily shuts off water meters and gas valves. You can also use it to sift through debris, as well as pry open doors or cabinets. Available on Amazon; $17.70. read more at bobvila.com