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Lon Smith Roofing Options Clay Tile Roof SystemWhen it comes to getting a new roof, Dallas is one of the best places you can be in. Local roofers like Lon Smith Roofing of Dallas are very helpful, and they are able to provide you with the quality you need and the insight you require to make an informed choice. Of course, choosing a good quality roof will depend on your need for either a more durable, stylish or low-maintenance roof.

Depending on your focus, you can also adjust your budget and get a more affordable roofing system rather than spending too much money. The good news is that there are enough advanced roofing technologies, products and materials to allow for pretty broad choices.

The first thing to consider is durability. If you want a roof that doesn’t break down often and can last a long time, then some of your best choices include clay, terracotta and natural slate.

Unfortunately, some of these roofs are somewhat lacking in the maintenance and energy-efficiency department. To account for that, you can choose a good quality metal roof, a green roof or a less expensive composite shingle roof.

Wood and old fashioned asphalt shingle roofing is not as recommended for Dallas, since they are prone to storm damage and to be affected by UV radiation in the summer.