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fort worth home slate roof installed roofers companie expertiseChoosing the roof is an important decision, because this particular element influences your personal comfort, the overall aspect of your house and the price of the energy bills. Those who want to benefit from resistant and unique-looking roofing systems can focus on the most durable materials – slate being probably the best example.

The reasons why this material is so highly-rated are numerous.

The durability of a roof is an important constant. Most entrepreneurs are willing to pay a higher price for materials that retain their properties and appearance for a long time. According to specialists, a well-fitted metal tile roof can be safely operated for up to 50 years; on the other hand, a slate roof has a lifespan of over 100 years. It is obvious that this roofing solution is a lifelong investment.

Slate tiles are perfectly resistant; they withstand climatic challenges and also have chemical inertia.

The insulating properties of the roof are important because they affect the personal comfort of people living in the building, and, at the same time, influence the value of the utility bills. A slate roof has a complex composition, allowing for efficient insulation and reducing heat loss and overheating. In the case of slate roofed homes, 30% less heating resources are used compared to homes finished with metal tile roofs, for example, so the bills will be lower, which will ensure significant savings over time.  Start the process with one of the Fort Worth Roofing companies with years of experience for the optimal solution to your roofing needs.