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Gutter guards are great, modern inventions that prevent debris such as leaves or twigs, from reaching into the gutter, thus improving the gutter’s ability to direct water away from the roof and from the walls of the house. Enhanced gutter protection is the principle benefit offered by leaf guards, but there are a few, less obvious, but not less important benefits that you should also know about:

  • Guarded gutters need much less maintenance than conventional gutters, even if you choose guards that block only larger pieces of debris.
  • Gutter guards prevent not only the accumulation of debris in the gutter pipes, but they also prevent birds and rodents from building nests inside the pipes, thus being efficient against gutter clogging of this type as well as against pest infestations in the house.
  • Guarded gutters live longer than gutters that are not protected against the accumulation of debris, so they are definitely worth their price.
  • Leaf guards come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose the type that best suits the climate in the region where your home is.
  • If you live in an area where ice building is a problem, you can buy heated gutter guards that will not prevent the accumulation of the ice inside the gutter pipes as well as in the adjacent areas.

For all the reasons above – and to save yourself from time consuming messy gutter clean up every fall, contact veteran Fort Worth roofing company Lon Smith professionals to update your roofing system with guarded gutters.