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A green roof involves covering the building with a special membrane that allows creating a natural micro system, using soil and vegetation. This type of roof considerably improves urban air quality and allows the presence of the nature, right in the heart of the city.

Considering the global warming, Dallas is only going to get hotter, and the future must be carefully planned to be in our favor. Fortunately, the local climate makes it a great place for green roof installations, so find a professional Dallas roofing company and see what needs to be done to put your idea into practice.

The benefits of green roofs

Reducing the urban island effect

Green roofs are one of the most effective ways to reduce the temperature in urban areas. Buildings and streets absorb a lot of heat, not to mention the roofs. The temperature of a green roof can be up to 40 degrees lower than the temperature of regular roofs.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Ten square meters of green roof can absorb 50 kg of carbon dioxide each year. Moreover, this roofing solution leads to an additional reduction in carbon dioxide due to lower energy consumption.

Cleaner air

Vegetation growing on the roof roofs will improve the urban air quality, by capturing airborne particles such as smog, or heavy metals. Studies show that ten square meters of green roof can absorb 2 kg of such particles per year.

It is good to note, that there are other roofing products that are eco-friendly and affordable too.  Check with local companies such as Lon Smith Roofing in Dallas to explore all your roofing options.