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Roofing systems come in a very wide range of material options, each material offering a particular set of pros and cons as well as a particular price range. The key factors that influence the homeowners’ roofing choices usually include not only aspects related to durability, to the complexity of the installation and maintenance tasks, aesthetic appeal and resistance to the elements – the first aspect that determines all the other decisions is usually the price.

The three components that influence the costs related to a particular roofing material are the price of the product, the labor rates of the Fort Worth roofing company for the installation and the long-term ownership costs. Here are some of the most cost-efficient options:

  • Asphalt shingles – by far the cheapest material available on the market (a one-foot shingle can today be purchased for as low as 1 dollar) is also very cheap to install. Maintenance and repairs are also easy and cheap, but the material comes with a lifespan of only 15-25 years;
  • Metal roofs – affordability is a feature that makes metal roofs increasingly popular and widespread these days. These systems are easy and cheap to install and to maintain and they can last for up to half a century, which makes overall ownership costs attractive.