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It's Time Lon Smith Roofing New Roof Installation Winter Maintenance RepairHere are the signs indicating that your old Fort Worth roof is close to the end of its life span and that you must consider replacing it in the near future.

  1. Tiles are wavy and chipped

When the overall aspect of the roof looks worn out, and tiles are wavy and chipped, it is a sign that  the roof is already old and has endured enough so far. Temperature variations, high UV index bad weather, chemicals etc. – all these will eventually leave their marks on a roof. Luckily, if you installed a quality roof in the first place and maintained it properly, you will get to enjoy it’s protection for decades, and the signs of wear and tear will not show up anytime soon.

  1. Missing granules or even missing shingle pieces

Poorly installed downspouts, lack of gutters or poorly designed drainage can cause a cascading effect that washes the granules over time. When the protective granules on some roofing shingles are lost, they will be much more exposed, and the deterioration process will start sooner than you think,  accelerating aging and shingle decay.

  1. Broken or missing tiles

Broken or missing tiles are the perfect entry point for infiltrating water. Two main causes for this type of damage are strong and excessive wind and physical damage.

  1. Damaged flashing

Flashing, located around skylights, eaves, wall details, stacks, and chimneys, are subject to deterioration caused by rust, as they are typically made from metal. If they are not replaces in time and allow water infiltration for a long time, the roof may get damaged quite badly and require a premature replacement.  Look to Lon Smith Roofing in Fort Worth at https://www.lonsmith.com/ for some of the best in the roofing industry.