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roofing companies choices best color for climate

The color of your roofing material is very important for ensuring proper roof performance – it influences the building’s energy-efficiency by determining the amount of heat absorbed by the roof and transferred towards the building interior as well as the building’s curb appeal and the roof’s durability. Here are some things to consider when picking your roof color:

  • Reflectivity – light colors deflect heat, while dark colors absorb it. This means that a dark-colored roof installed in a cold climate area will help maintain the building warmer, while a light-colored roof in a hot climate zone will reflect heat, reducing the amount of energy needed for cooling the building;
  • Curb appeal – a good roof color can complete the design of the entire building according to Dallas roofing companies. Classic roof colors, such as grey, brown and terracotta are safe choices for any building, modern and classic alike, but bold architectural solutions can also look great with unusual roof colors;
  • Blending into the neighborhood – many neighborhoods have rules that determine the range of roof colors that can be used. If the color of your new roof is not on the list of approved hues, you can be made to remove the roof, so consulting the locally applicable regulations is essential before picking your roof shade.