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Fort Worth is a great, magical place, but also one that is frequently affected by extreme weather. The climate being one of the most important factors that homeowners should take into consideration when choosing their roofing materials, here are the most typical challenges that Fort Worth roofs need to stand up to:

  • Hail – hail is one of the most devastating forces of nature and Fort Worth gets several strong hailstorms each year. The materials that work best on local roofs are the ones that can withstand impact, large quantities of water as well as high winds, metal, clay and cement tiles and special, impact-resistant shingles being the best options;
  • Harsh sunshine – Fort Worth is also known for its hot climate and dry spells, so a strong, new local roof needs to be able to provide adequate insulation for the building from the top. The best materials are light-colored solutions that reflect heat and you can also enhance your roof’s insulation properties by adding insulation and by treating the roof surface regularly with reflective roof coatings;
  • Huge storms – Fort Worth is located in a geographical area that is prone to hurricanes, therefore local roofs need to be constructed from materials that can stand up to that. Seamless metal roofs are among the best options.  As with anything checking with professional Fort Worth roofing companies to get their recommendations helps to make the right choice for your area.