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The flashing on your roof is the stripes of material installed in areas where the roof’s continuity is disrupted, such as around skylights, in roof valleys and around chimneys, the role of the stripes being to protect the area from damage, especially from damage caused by water penetration. Here are the most common materials used for flashing on roofs in Dallas:

  • Galvanized steel – the solution is common on many types of roofs, especially on metal roofs. Galvanized steel is easy to work with and it offers a strong and durable waterproofing solution;
  • Aluminum – one of the most affordable and most malleable materials used for flashing, aluminum is suitable for areas that are difficult to waterproof, such the roof base. Aluminum flashing should always be installed by an expert Dallas roofing contractor;
  • Copper – the metal is durable, with the flashing made from it being also very attractive and appreciated for its ability to age gracefully, developing a beautiful patina, not rust. The solution is suitable for any roof, but it is not the cheapest option;
  • Lead – the most traditional flashing material, lead flashing can last for up to 200 years. It is also inexpensive, lightweight and easy to bend, which makes the solution the preferred one for most homeowners in Dallas.