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The roofing company that you hire needs to have many features and qualities, so here is a short checklist with what to look for while talking to potential contractors to hire:

  • Experience – longevity in the industry is a clear indicator of quality;
  • Areas of expertise – most roofers specialize in particular materials, so ask the roofer if they work with the material and the type of roofing system that you want to use;
  • Portfolio and references – ask the Fort Worth roofing company to show you their portfolio and to provide a few verifiable references, then take the time to verify those references, too;
  • Reviews – there are many websites that you can use to find out about what other people think about the services offered by a particular roofer. Check those websites as well as the testimonials provided by previous clients on roofing websites;
  • Rates and warranties – ask the roofers to provide written cost estimates with all the details of the project, including material prices, the services included, labor rates and warranties.