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slate roof Dallas roofing companies install

Slate is one of the “classic” materials for roofing, with a rich and glorious history. It is entirely natural, obtained only by mechanical processing of raw rock and is used since immemorial times, like wood or vegetal fibers. It continues to fascinate, maintaining itself in the top preferences of architects and beneficiaries who want exclusive roofs.

However, sometimes even such a roof can be damaged. Bad weather is rather unlikely to cause severe damage. Maybe a few broken slates, but they can be replaced. The big problem is when such a roof gets structural damage, because we are talking about one of the heaviest roofs, that requires a very solid structure. If something happens with it and it gets unstable, there is the possibility of a disaster, and professional roofers must intervene quickly to prevent it. In this case, the roof cover will have to be removed, and roofing experts will have to strengthen the resistance structure so that the building becomes safe again.

Regardless of the problem you have – or think you have! – with your expensive slate roof, it is absolutely necessary to contact one of the professional Dallas roofing companies experienced in working with this roofing material, as a slate roof has its particularities, and installation and repairs should be carried out only by qualified professionals.