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What to expect Lon Smith Roofing

Considering the local climate – humid subtropical with hot summers -roofs installed in Dallas tend to deal with specific challenges. When moving here, it is good to know what to expect.

Heat damage

Heat damage is a common Dallas roofing issue caused by high temperatures and direct sun exposure. The consequences depend on the roofing materials; some shingles may dry out, crack or look worn out. If you do not opt for a roof able to withstand these weather conditions (clay, metal…), you can expect to be required to replace your roof prematurely.

Algae and moss growth

These roofing problems are specific to humid and hot climates and certain roofing materials in particular. Ensure that your roof is cleaned regularly to avoid the spread of this form of vegetation that may negatively affect your roof.

Water leaks

Regardless of the climate, these are inevitable and must be repaired promptly. Ideally, they should be identified as quickly as possible to prevent structural damage, but considering that water leaks may not be visible until it is too late, you should not neglect to contact a local roofer like Lon Smith Roofing of Dallas regularly for maintenance operations that will allow you to identify a leak before it causes costly damage.