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There are many factors and considerations that go into the decision when homeowners pick their roofing materials. The material used on the new roof should be suitable for the aesthetics that dominates the neighborhood, it should provide the amount of durability and energy efficiency that the homeowner expects and it should be suitable for the specific climate conditions that dominate the area. In the case of Dallas, there is more than one roofing material that fits the bill – here are some:

  • Metal roofing – modern metal roofing systems do not come only in the form of the large sheets that used to be the standard. Metal alloys are today used for making a variety of roofing systems, from solutions suitable for flat roofs to options that are suitable for sloping roofs, such as metal shingles and tiles;
  • Clay and cement tiles – these two options look very similar and they are very similar in terms of weight, cost and qualities as well. Both solutions are heavy materials, but they provide excellent energy efficiency, durability of around 100 years and an attractive classic appearance second to none;
  • Impact resistant shingles – these high-end shingle varieties are highly recommended for any application in Dallas. Designed and developed to be able to face even the harshest storm, impact resistant shingles make excellent, affordable roofing Dallas TX systems and are also available in a large variety of styles and colors.