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roofing contractor energy evaluation

An energy evaluation, which would be an inspection based on insulation and ventilation, is the process during which a building is inspected by a great Dallas roofing contractor specialist to determine the efficiency of energy usage and energy conservation to determine how energy usage and energy conservation can be improved. According to the statistics, the average household spends over two thousand dollars per year on energy, out of which around 70% is spent on heating and cooling the home, so it is any homeowner’s best interest to optimize energy usage. Energy assessments are great for achieving that purpose – here are a few things that you should know about the process:

  • In the first phase, the energy inspector will perform an assessment of the building exterior, checking the efficiency of the doors and the windows, checking the siding and any other component of the building envelope through which energy can escape;
  • The assessment will also involve the inspection of the components of the building interior, such as the attic, the insulation installed underneath the roof (if any) and the holes through which energy lines enter the building to see whether they are properly sealed;
  • The inspection process ends with the issuing of an audit report that includes a detailed description of the energetic weak points and problems and recommendations about optimizing energy use in the building.