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most popular roof products lon smith roofingCalculations made by specialists show that, in an uninsulated single-family home from Dallas, about 45% of the heat can be lost through the roof. To avoid heat loss, some of the most popular upgrade products for Dallas roofing are proper insulation systems. It is good to invest in them, in order to enjoy the best thermal comfort and to save on your energy bills, in any season.

There are two options available: exterior and interior roof insulation. Both have their own advantages, but their purpose remains the same: providing better thermal and acoustic insulation. Such a roof upgrade also helps minimizing or even eliminating thermal bridges.

Did you know that …

The higher the value of the parameter R’, the best the roof insulation is. R’ is the thermal resistance of the roof to the heat flow, which includes the effect of thermal bridges. The recommendation of the specialists for any heated building is that the roof should have a thermal coefficient of 7 m2 K/ W. This value ensures a sufficiently low level of heat loss during the cold season. In this way, heating costs are reduced, the roof is protected, and the energy consumed for air conditioning during the summer is also lower.  For roof products and their durability specifications it’s important to check with https://lonsmith.com/ who have all the latest in roofing materials.