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Roofing Challenges roofing contractor

Roofs are permanently exposed to the elements and that`s why home owners and commercial building owners/ managers must keep an eye on them.

There is a wide range of roofing issues you may have to deal with – and probably already have! – if you live in Forth Worth, as the region gets many hail storms, and the climate in general is prone to weather extremes. Also, DFW is on the Tornado Alley.

In this context, here are some of the most common roofing problems here.

Damaged shingles and tiles

Wind and sun exposure are the main enemies of a shingle or tile roof. These materials often get discolored, curled, cracked or even missing because of weather phenomena.

Flashing problems

Flashing are elements that protect vulnerable areas of the roof (penetrations, valleys etc.). When flashing gets damaged or is poorly attached, it causes open seams and allows water infiltrations. This often happens during severe weather or after, if flashing gets damaged and it is not replaced in time.

Punctures and penetrations

Again, wind and hail damage are the culprits. This type of damage can be inflicted on different roofing materials.

You must allow your roof to be inspected regularly by a professional Fort Worth roofing contractor and, if problems are detected, they must be fixed quickly to prevent the damage from spreading and requiring a premature roof replacement.