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Fort Worth Roofing Withstands Heavy Winds

Heavy storms associated with high winds and windy periods that come without rain are increasingly frequent these days and they affects roofs in many ways. Shingles being among the most popular and most common roofing materials throughout the country, roofing material manufacturers have developed products that can withstand extreme winds – here is what these products offer:

  • Wind-resistant shingles – winds are among the worst enemies of standard shingles, but they find a tough opponent with wind-resistant shingles. These special materials feature a much more efficient fastening zone and the adhesives used with them have also been designed to face special challenges. Many of these special shingles are rated for resisting winds that roar at a speed of 150 mph;
  • Impact-resistant shingles – winds do not cause any impact per se, but much of wind damage is not caused by the fast-moving air. Winds usually carry objects and they drop those objects onto roofs, causing roofing components to crack and break. Impact-resistant shingles are special materials developed to withstand strong impact, such as that of hail, but the special materials used for producing them and the special design solutions make them much more resistant to heavy, gale-force winds and tornadoes as well.  Of course, as with all products, having them installed by a professional Fort Worth roofing company is recommended.